Skin Whitening

Pigmentation Disorder

Now obtain flawless skin and get rid of the skin pigmentation disorders that make your skin to appear lighter or darker than normal, or blotchy and discolored.


LEYAN BEAUTY LOUNGE Microabrasion is an effective peeling method. Through new technology Crystal sand applied on the skin removes the dead skin. The skin structure will be noticeably improved in no time. The skin feels fine and smooth. It will be even, rosy and fine-pored. LEYAN BEAUTY LOUNGE Microabrasion improves your skin structure visibly, but the method is more than just an effective peeling.

Wrinkles will be reduced, Skin impurities removed and Pigment disorders improved

Through this treatment certain changes take place which have a positive effect on the skin. For example, new cells will be build skin rejuvenation will be accelerated. Melanosome, which are responsible for the pigmentation, distribute evenly in the skin. Thus, the pigment disorders will be less noticable. Since the skin is now free of dead skin layer it can respond to the immediately following caring-compound which is applied by the experienced cosmetician of LEYAN BEAUTY LOUNGE.

I got to know the microabrasion through my cosmetician of LEYAN BEAUTY LOUNGE GERMANY and I am EXITED Already after the first treatment my skin seemed clearer, fresher, and younger! My friends and family complemented me on my positively changed look. I can only recommend microabrasion .

Your Benefits:

  • • Immediate visible results
  • • Simple, rapid treatment
  • • Painless and without side effects
  • • No restrictions in your daily life


Make your first appointment with LEYAN BEAUTY LOUNGE experienced staff today. We advise for your long continuing treatment success spa treatment from 6 up to 10 times. Do you still have any questions? We provide you detailed information about Microabrasion.

Skin Whitening Injections

What Skin Whitening Injections Do? The skin whitening injections are more promising to providefair complexion and helps to remove all kinds of skin marks such as scars or other kinds of pigmentation marks. These injectionshelp to improve the feel and touch of the skin by making it more flexible and nourished.

Procedure for Skin Whitening Injection Treatment Skin whitening injections contains glutathione as an active ingredient. Glutathione is a recognized anti-oxidant. Actually, Glutathione also available in form of pills or capsules and is widely being used as skin whitening pills. In fact Glutathione is an antioxidant that isalso used for the treatment of acne, toxicity, HIV, allergies, cancer, cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, hepatitis, and liver dysfunction. But it is widely used and most popular for its skin whitening elements