What Is Permanent Make-up ?

The magic word is Leyan Permanent Conture Make Up. A recipe for beauty with regard to the most diverse of contours.

It's not only about highlighting and giving support to natural beauty but also concealing problem areas in the skin's natural pigment. Perfect eyebrows support the expressiveness of your face, your eyes are put on perfect display by eyelid lines and your lips look full and well-proportioned. Thousands of satisfied customers agree every single day that putting make up on an every day basis belongs to the past. We guarantee you precision, perfection and style.

Eyebrows- Perfectly Arched

Eyebrow contouring defines facial features by bringing balance to the face. The arch of your brow expresses your mood and can even make you look younger.

Eyes - Beautifully defined

Imagine smudgefree eyeliners even after exercising, swimming,and everyday activities

Cosmetic or Medical TreatmentWe do both

Our products and treatments are designed to make you feel good about yourself, every single day. Our services include supporting and emphasising your natural beauty (for example beauty marks), masking small problem zones and offering medical pigmentation. Our Team is experienced in applying our products in medical contexts. All completed the requisite comprehensive training course.

Lip - Flawlessly Coloured

A certified LEYAN PERMANENT MAKE UP ARTIST can help you achieve flawlessness.

Our Mission

Natural beauty and a harmonious look - for you and your mirror image. Our goal is to joy and happiness, whenever you take a look into the mirror. Whether used for cosmetic or concealing reasons, our products and applications will help you feel good about yourself on a daily basis.

Leyan Permanent

Make-up is our recipe for long-lasting natural beauty. Our aim is to emphasize and support your natural look, and sometimes to mask small problem zones.

We want to make you feel satisfied whenever you take a look into the mirror, and to love your reflection.

Distinguished by Quality and Innovation

Our experts have been developing the most modern technologies, processes and materials with which we can offer our gentle methods and well-tolerated dyes for lasting beauty. Learn more about us and our products and services.


The gentle method for long-lasting natural beauty and a harmonious appearance. Getting up and immediately liking what you seeing the mirror - this is a wish that we are happy to fulfill. Whether eyebrows, eyelines or lips, with LEYAN PERMANENT Conture MAKE-UP and with our high-quality products and services you can have a dazzling, fresh look day-afterday. Trust us with your reflection.