About Us

Natural beauty and a harmonious look - for you and your mirror image.

Our goal is to give you joy when you look in the mirror. Whether used for cosmetic or concealing reasons, our products and applications will help you feel good about yourself on a daily basis. LEYAN PERMANENT Make-up is our recipe for long-lasting natural beauty. Our aim is to emphasise and support your natural look, and sometimes to mask small problem zones or to offer concealing pigmentation. We want to make you feel joy and satisfaction whenever you look in the mirror, and to love your reflection.

With innovative products, durably and hygienically packed dyes and the most up-to-date technologies, we see to it that you have a fresh and healthy appearance. LEYAN PERMANENT Make-up is based on the latest discoveries in Science and Technology. It uses gentle methods and dyes that are easily tolerated by the skin.

To achieve consistent excellence and high quality, we, along with our team and our partners, have committed ourselves to the following values:


The tight integration of product development, consulting and training and continuous quality assurance strengthen our competences in terms of delivering lasting beauty. Our customers trust us with their faces, and in turn we guarantee beautiful Aesthetic, precision and perfection. Whether supporting and emphasising their natural beauty, masking small problem zones or offering camouflage pigmentation - our expertise is based on years of experience, on our continuous development of equipment and dyes and on deep knowledge of what makes for lasting beauty.


Quality is the bedrock of what we do. And because our duty of care and concern for customers does not stop at our front door, we have our training programs and seminars regularly examined.


We see to it that our knowledge and long experience deliver the best possible benefit for our customers. We therefore work closely with dermatologists, plastic surgeons and doctors to develop our micro-pigmentation technologies and products ever further. With our system of precisely-matched colors, needle modules, equipment and training we deliver high-quality, sustainable advantage for our customers and support the smooth and effective implementation of our products and services.


We are honest, reliable and friendly. Great service and a willingness to listen to the concerns of our customers come naturally to us. We always strive to deliver to our customers more than they expected.


Respect, trust and integrity govern our business and customer relationships. Transparent and open communication is our priority. We encourage our artists to share their experiences, and we value the diversity of opinions as the basis of meaningful dialogue.